Friday, February 26, 2016

On Love

Love is a difficult thing to talk about. There is the limitations of our language, and the language that we have become so accustomed to is not untrue, but at this point has little impact. I am in love. I feel so lucky. How does that come close to capturing how transformed my life is? It falls terribly short.

I don't want to describe love because it then confines love in our minds and the expectation is set. Love between me and him is bendy, it's gotta stay loose."Mating in Captivity" is not an attraction I want to see or live.

This week has been busy again. Work and more work and then a little more work in the middle of the night. But things slowed down this morning and I just laid in bed and thought of him. I was in and out of sleep but the time was devoted to him. I was calm and warm and I was smiling. I can't wait to see him again tonight. And I really mean this. I'm saying it now to no-one. I'm not trying to prove or convince. I just am. My body is here, it means my spirit is too. I'm finally starting to get it.

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