Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Priests and Scientists

Am I a priest or a scientist? A scientist, of course. I can't help it; I was born in the post-modernist age of the 80's.

The strength in the scientist is the ever forward, fluid movement. We want to find out why things work. What's the context? You tell us one thing, but we want to know what motivated you. We feel deceived. We will continue to ask questions, and peel away layers. And if we discover we were wrong, or our theories don't match up to the evidence, okay, we are flexible, and will change the beliefs again. Limitations are our enemy, and everything is God. And sure, everyone was invited but now this party is pure chaos. Our reality is fragile. We are tormented by our understandings constantly morphing and by our mistrust in our own sensory experience. Sometimes it seems there is too much to know, too much complexity, we’ll never get to the bottom of it. At times it seems hopeless.

You – modernists and priests -- search to discover the one reality; you believe in the pure. And when you know that purity, you have faith in it. And through that basic truth, the world makes sense. There is solace in that ultimate knowledge. You have a foundation with which to build on. Your life is more quiet than mine. But what happens when that foundation has a flaw (say for instance some inherent prejudice). What then? You built an entire world on that belief, and now it has to come down.

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