Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My relationship

I am in a relationship, in fact, with a woman named P--. I talk with her everyday, very often the first person who I utter hello to.
She is the mother of a student at the school where I work. Without fail, she calles me every morning to give me an update of her son, tell me about a shopping trip she needs to make, another unnecessary doctor's visit, a complaint. Then she calls me throughout the day with other innane ramblings. She says "and everything" every four words. It doesn't matter that I am not his teacher, as I've reminded her. "Hi Gwen, how's he doing?" Uh- I think that you are aware of this, not totally sure, but I'm the secretary. I don't know how your son is at this particular moment, nor am I going to check on him. You're making him crazy you know... and me.
I've decided to make a log of her calls.
Today she called to tell me that D is hyper hyper hyper and that the bus is late. Just thought I would let you know and everything, and everything, but just so you know. Also he has been up since 2:30 this morning.
I speak with P-- more than I do some of my closest friends. Good morning P--, and everything.

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