Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cleaning Crew needed

6/22/12 -
I need to scrap you off the walls of my brain. You are clinging there dry and cracked and still gooey in some places. It's like a special effects bag of vitrials and chicken breasts and corn syrup and real blood was placed in my mind with a charge in. That's what it is like to loose, leave, and remember you. I need a power hose and bleach. I need to eclipse you. All that's left of us is a mess in my mind, almost too big to take on. Thanks for coming by every now and then to shit here too. That's nice. There's no ventilation. I'm becoming a wastral here in this dingy place. I'm smoking cigarette butts from the ash try. I'm picking my nose shamelessly.
You left the dishes in the sink, months old, not your problem anymore. Renting a new, sunny, almost glittered place. Thanks for that too.
How's it going with her? I let you in my bed two nights ago to prove you didn't love her. But I'm a fool, of course. It only proves you don't love me.
Tomorrow I'm riding 100 miles and dedicating to the rage I have for you now, and I'm sure I'll come away weaker, too tired to clean.

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